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    Pinoy Blues Jam Music Videos

    This is just a quick post to share the music videos we have shot and produced for The Roadhouse Manila Bay’s Pinoy Blues Jam by Roadhouse Rekords. Here are 7 music videos, once song each from the awesome Filipino blues bands featured on the CD. Incidentally, the CD is now available at the following music stores; Astroplus, RJ Guitar Center and SM Dept Store Music section. After the bump, watch Dr. Crowley, Bleu Rascals, Tarantulas,

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    The Roadhouse Manila Bay Pinoy Blues Jam

    The Roadhouse Manila Bay PINOY BLUES JAM – Teaser on Vimeo.

    We are proud to be part of this exciting CD release that features 7 Filipino blues bands – where 14 of 18 tracks are Original Pilipino Music (OPM). The Roadhouse Manila Bay has become the premiere live blues music venue in the Philippines and with Roadhouse Rekords first CD release, they will further showcase the awesome music talent

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    Sheena Kuhn – Singer from London, UK

    We are excited to present these music videos of Sheena Kuhn, an upcoming singer from London, UK. This is the first song she recorded and it was her first time in the recording studio, too. Check it out and enjoy.


    Somebody (Lemonade Mouth) Cover by Sheena Kuhn (watch on Youtube). Watch out

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    Let’s Dance! House Music Remix Production Hit Japan Music Charts!

    One of our best projects in 2011 was the dance music album "DIRTY PARTY!" - it is a non-stop mix CD featuring covers of popular hit songs - rendered in modern dance format of electro house music. This album features the vocal talents of Filipina, Filipino and international singers interpreting the original songs in their own way. This album also features international dance music remix producers on the top of their game and very active in the dance music and club circuits. Cover image of Dirty Party! MIX CD - house music remix album We were pleasantly surprised when our label informed us that DIRTY PARTY! did not only sell well but was also included in the Top 10 of Japan International Music Charts! They even sent us a video clip showing DIRTY PARTY! in spot #6 - what a feat! Hip-hip hooray!

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    Oi! Merry Christmas Punk Ska Style!

    Happy Holiday greetings from all of us here at Sound Weavers! We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas in a rocking and skanking style - enjoy these two music videos of popular Christmas songs turned upside down in PUNK SKA style!

    Here Comes Santa Claus

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    Jazz Quartet (Saxophone, Upright Bass, Piano, Drums) Live Sessions

    We would like to share these videos featuring live in studio recording of  the Vince Lahorra Quartet, a jazz quartet in the Philippines featuring a saxophone, upright acoustic bass, upright acoustic piano and acoustic drums. The music on these videos are 1-take recordings only, no overdubs!

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    Amy and George Sheppard Music Videos (Live In Studio)

    Sheppard band from AustraliaEnjoy these live videos of in studio performances by Amy and George Sheppard, a singer/songwriter duo from Australia who came to the Philippines to record songs for their debut album/CD and hold live shows for their local fans.

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    Singer Songwriter from East Timor Music Album CD

    Randa Santo (East Timor) Music Production
    In July of 2009, I received a rather unique inquiry; a lady from East Timor writes her own songs and would like to record them. On our first meeting, and upon hearing the songs for the first time I recognized the musical and logistical challenge that the project presented; we'll have to decipher and transcribe each song from the vocal parts, then arrange musical parts and conform the rather unique beats and rhythm of the original format to pop standards. Inside, we talk about the project and share a music video, too!

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    T-Pain Sound via AutoTune (Video Podcast #3)

    We stretch out a bit on the 3rd episode of our recording studio's video podcast. Our topic is the notorious T-PAIN SOUND via Antares' AutoTune program. We are helped by freestyle prodigy JakeLee to demonstrate our capability in sound editing and sound design for vocals. Just watch the video and enjoy!

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    Boracay CD by Moise

    Cover of Boracay CD by Moise, a French Moroccan in the PhilippinesMoise is a French-Moroccan singer and keyboardist who sings in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English languages. His music features a unique blend of global music styles and world beats into his own distinctive musical signature. You name it, bossa nova, samba, Latin and reggae music, French chanteuse/chanson, to jazz and modern dance... Moise has it covered on this CD.

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