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Recording Studio Rates (effective August 1, 2011):

  • Php1,250 per hour*
    *Minimum booking is 2 hours with a cost of P2,500.
    *For drums/drum kit recording, minimum booking is 4 hours.
  • P11,000 per day (10 hours) = P1,500 discount. 10am to 9pm. Sessions contiguous throughout one day.
  • P50,000 per week (5 days) = P12,500 discount (it’s like getting one free day). Sessions contiguous throughout one week (all 5 days within one week means a day off can be called midweek, in fact this is the recommended strategy, days 1 & 2 for basic parts, off-day to review, unwind/relax, then resume with ferocity and purpose on days 3, 4, 5). We can discount this much for a week due to reduced amount of setup and teardown of recording equipment.

Discounts? Complete album production package. Our block rates are already discounted but we will still consider special discounts for complete album projects consuming more than 100 hours of studio time. Contact us last. We are committed to great sounds. Let us work for you, our huge investment on professional sound recording equipment, training, education and experience will especially benefit full and complete album projects.

Professional Assistant Engineer. Professional staff engineer included from recording, editing to mixing.

Included music instruments and amplifiers. (included in the recording studio rate)

  • Peavey Predator (USA) Stratocaster style electric guitar.
  • Jackson electric guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo
  • Warwick Corvette (Germany) bass guitar 4-strings with Hipshot D-tuner
  • Yamaha guitar amplifier. solid state.
  • Marshall guitar amplifier. solid state.
  • Effects: Jim Dunlop Wah, Boss DS1, Guitar POD, SansAmp Bass DI, Aphex Bass Xciter, Bass POD
  • Trace Elliot (UK) micro bass amp
  • Gallien Krueger Backline 600 bass amp & 2×10″ speakers
  • 5 piece Pearl ELX drum kit with Sabian Pro Sonix cymbals, Zildjian 14″ custom fast crash, Sabian 13″ custom hi-hats
  • Roland RS-50 synthesizer, BOSS DR-550 drum machine, M-Audio Oxygen

For hire music instruments and amplifiers (separate from studio fees)

  • Marshall TSL 122 all tube guitar amp with two 12″ speakers. Php1,000 per session (day).
  • Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue all tube guitar amp with one 12″ speaker. Php1,000 per session (day).
  • Ampeg Jet all tube guitar combo amp with one 12″ speaker. Php1,000 per session (day).
  • Sadowsky Jazz bass guitar. Php3,000 per session (day).
  • Ampeg SVT CL (USA) tube bass amplifier. Php1,000 per session (day)

Other Audio and Sound Services.

  • Vocal editing and tuning. P3,000 per song. (per lead vocal track). Creation of backing vocals (harmony) from lead vocals is P1,500 for a 2-part harmony line.
  • Multi-track music editing. From P2,500 per instrument. Editing of drums (tempo, timing, alignment, pocketing). For rhythmic instrumentation (adjustments of timing). For monophonic/polyphonic instruments with melody (tuning/pitch correction).
  • Multi-track Music/Song Mixing. P5,000 per song for acoustic and vocals, P10,000 per song for full band instrumentation.

Song and Album/CD Production. Please call for rates. For singers/songwriters who want to create music for their songs, we can help you from arrangement, notation, recording, programming, editing, mixing and mastering to the final result of a professional music CD.

Mastering. We offer a “quick mastering” service to Clients who can’t (for any reason) go a dedicated mastering facility. (Note: We strongly advise going to a dedicated mastering facility) “Quick Mastering” includes software based EQ, compression, limiting and leveling. Final mastered CD is encoded and assembled via PeakPro with CD-Text. End result is a fully RedBook compliant Audio CD ready for replication and manufacturing. Turnaround time is 1 week (we perform a thorough QA process to ensure an error-free and competitive final product. While we call this “quick mastering” – it includes intense and critical listening and error checking. Finished tracks will be delivered on a Pre-Master CD (Taiyo Yuden brand) ready to be taken to the CD replication plant. Two (2) copies of Pre-Master CD (PMCD) shall be given to clients. Subject to consultation and availability. We don’t accept poorly recorded and mixed tracks as these cannot be helped – even by our quick mastering service.

  • P2,000 per song (up to 5 minutes). Unattended sessions.
  • P3,000 per song (up to 5 minutes). Attended sessions.
  • Compilation CDs featuring different artists add P1,000 per song.
  • P20,000 for a full album or CD up to 50 minutes. Unattended sessions. CDs with programs longer than 50 minutes add P500.00 for every additional minute.

Full service mastering is also available. Please contact for a free consultation.

Last edited: July 20, 2011.