About Sound Weavers Recording Studio

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We have two (2) studios:

  • 2808 is our commercial facility that can handle all music recording and audio production situations EXCEPT live drums recording. 2808 is optimized for voice over, dubbing, singer/songwriters, music programming and sequencing.
  • 4149 is our music production studio dedicated to recording of full bands (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals), chorales, small orchestral ensembles. 4149 is a private room located near Shopwise and Inquirer office in Pasong Tamo. We reserve the right to screen projects for 4149. Please call us for details.

Sound Weavers is a digital music recording studio with analog audio  equipment (preamps and signal processors). We have a live tracking room that can accommodate a 7-piece drum kit, a 5 piece/person band, a 12-person chorale or a string ensemble/small jazz orchestra. We have an isolation recording booth for the vocalist or for the guitar amplifiers. We have an acoustically treated Control Room where all the recording, mixing and sound processing takes place. All rooms are tie-lined to the tracking room which allows sessions to be conducted across three rooms.

click here for microphones in the recording studio cabinet

click here for analog preamps for line, microphone and instrument sound signals

click here for Signal Processors, Dynamics, Compressor, Equalizers EQ, Limiters & Special Effects Reverb Delay

We use Pro Tools HD 7.4 via Rosetta 800 digital audio converters, 128 mono and stereo tracks and 32 busses on a dual processor MacPro Intel with 6 Gigs of RAM. We have a collection of professional recording microphones, instruments and microphone preamps/recording channels, POD guitar amp and bass amp emulators, pro quality direct injection interfaces, microphones and cables for getting the best signal right from the source.

Our sound recording facilities and audio equipment can also accomodate song writing, song arranging, sound design and sampling sessions. Composing and arranging equipment include Roland RS50 synthesizer, BOSS DR-550 rhythm/drum machine and M-audio O2 MIDI controllers to manipulate licensed versions of Ableton Live 6, IK Multimedia Sampletank 2XL, Reason 4.0 and Native Instruments Komplete3.


Unit 2808 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower
Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
(in front of Don Bosco and beside WalterMart)

Safe and paid parking is available at WalterMart. When bringing your own gear (guitars, amps, other instruments) unload in front of the building first then park at WalterMart.

Phone: +63-2-729-5243
Mobile: +63-917-807-0521
e-mail: may at sound-weavers dot com

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