Audio Signal Processors, Dynamics, Compressor, EQ, Limiters & Effects

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Sound Weavers have invested in top of the line analog audio signal processors for maximum fidelity, headroom and quality of audio recordings and productions.

Dynamics, Compressors and Limiters

  • Purple Audio MC77 Compressor Limiter, an 1176 in steroids.
  • Purple Audio ACTION FET Compressor (500 format)
  • Empirical Labs Distressor with British Mode
  • TFPRO p38 mastering compressor. Different compressor models cover the entire history of compressors from LA-2A to LA-3A and everything in between.
  • Sound Performance Lab (SPL) Transient Designer (2)
  • dbx 166XL compressor, limiter, gate
  • FMR Audio Really Nice Leveling Amplifier RNLA (2)
  • FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor RNC (2)
  • Pendulum Audio PL-2 Limiter with MOSFET/JFET options
  • Joe Meek SC2.2 compressor
  • Crane Song ST-8 compressor/limiter
  • Aphex Aural Exciter Model 204
  • Universal Audio LA-2A tube compressor/limiter

Equalizer, EQ (Parametric).

  • Empirical Labs Lil’ FrEQ
  • Summit Audio EQF-100 tube Equalizer
  • Tube Tech PE1C Tube EQ Mono Pultec Style (2)
  • Vintech x73 1073 Neve-style EQ
  • Vintech x81 1081 Neve-style EQ

Special Effects Reverbs & Delays.

  • Eventide Eclipse
  • Lexicon MX400
  • T.C. Electronics D-Two delay

Soon we will add more specific information about the above analog audio signal processors and how you can use them on your music or sound projects for maximum fidelity, headroom and quality of your audio recordings and productions.

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