CD Production. Modern Rock Music. Memories by Eyescream

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This is our first full length music cd production as Sound Weavers. Released under our own indie label Rebolusyon Rekords, and featuring the very talented bunch of musicians in Eyescream band – we were very proud of our output, a totally rocking, very dynamic and wide ranging sounds of songs found on Memories. Recorded and mixed with Pro Tools 002 LE system. All vocals were tracked with Rode K2 tube condenser microphone and Focusrite VoiceMaster recording channel (EQ, compressor).

Audio clips:
Press the PLAY button to listen to audio clips of tracks in the MEMORIES CD streaming via the Internet.


Album / CD: Memories
Artist: Eyescream, up and coming Filipino rock band, has just released their first album called Memories.
Release date: November 2006
Distribution: Vicor Records Inc.
Price: P250

Track Listing:

  1. WEDNESDAY (3:33)
  2. MEMORIES (3:07)
  3. MY FEARS (4:36)
  4. TADIANG (3:56)
  5. TEARING (3:29)
  6. THELDIA (4:26)
  7. LET ME FALL (3:49)
  8. MIZZIN’ (3:15)
  9. WITHOUT YOU (3:53)
  10. MAGHIHINTAY (2:47)
  11. Bonus track (4:24)

Recording and Mix Engineers: Jonathan Reynera, Gerry Diwa
Mastering: Eric Perlas
Project coordinator: Doff Sandigan