Remote Live and Mobile Recording Service

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Sound Weavers offers remote location recording service for capturing pristine, perfect and precise sound and audio signals of live events such as music concerts, production shooting for film, television and video, even for weddings and parties.

Our dedicated remote recording service is a recording studio on wheels, a portable and mobile recording studio. Our dedicated system will ensure that you have the best audio for your project, be it a live concert music cd/dvd, a theater play production, or for your digital motion picture/movie/film project.

Events such as weddings will benefit from our multi-track live audio recording. For weddings, we can capture the individual voices of the main stars (the bride and groom) as well as capture the ambient sound from the audience and guests. We can get very intimate and pristine sounds that built-in mics on camcorders cannot accurately capture.

live recording system, mobile studio for remote music concerts and events

Here is a breakdown of our Remote and Location Recording service. Live and Mobile.

  • From 2 tracks up to 32 tracks simultaneous inputs.
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous recording. Up to 6 hours of total recording time (at 24 tracks per song).
  • Maximum redundancy from hard disk storage to power supply and backup. On power failures, we will be able to save the last takes before we shut down. NO DATA LOSS!
  • Unbeatable microphone selection (Groove Tubes, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Rode, Peluso, Royer, Josephson, Sennheiser, Electro Voice, Oktava, Earthworks, AEA)
  • Studio quality condenser microphones
  • Studio quality dynamic microphones
  • Shotgun microphone on a boom stand (very appropriate for location shooting outdoors)
  • 3 wireless microphone systems
    • 2 clip-on lavalier condensers
    • 1 handheld condenser
  • Studio quality analog to digital converters
  • Studio quality signal pre-amplification and processing
    • API lunchbox with various preamps (2).
    • Hardware compression for preserving dynamics and preventing distortion due to clipping. Especially useful on the lead vocals, the snare drum, and for very dynamic tracks such as in classical music recordings.
  • Studio quality audio signal splitters (passive) for feeding up to three systems (FOH, Monitor, recording). Our splitters are custom built with transformers for truly isolated audio signal path distribution.
  • Same day turnaround. Get your audio data on a DVD-R right after the event.
  • Includes Professional recording tracking engineer and equipment caretaker.
  • Remote and Location Recording Rates vary depending on the track count, length of program, equipment requirements, location and other specification of the project. Here is a basic/rough guideline:

    • Mono/stereo live recording. P15,000.00
    • Multi-track live recording (up to 1 hour of recorded program material)
    • up to 18 tracks. P25,000. Add P3,000 for every 30 minutes in excess of 1 hour.
    • up to 24 tracks. P30,000. Add P4,000 for every 30 minutes in excess of 1 hour.
    • up to 32 tracks. P35,000. Add P5,000 for every 30 minutes in excess of 1 hour.

    Contact us for a Free Remote Recording Consultation.

    Some of our live remote recording projects.

    We would like to clarify that what we provide is a recording system and NOT a P.A. system nor a BACKLINE system. A P.A. system is used to amplify the sound of the live performance while a BACKLINE system includes instruments, drum set and amplifiers used by music performers. A PA system is needed for live events with performers, audience and guests who need to hear the music performance. A Back line system is needed for live events where there is a band performing live.