Recording Studio Services

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Recording Studio Service. Music and Audio Production, editing, design, mastering, mixing

Music Recording & Instrument Tracking.

We offer professional facilities for recording and tracking music performed live such as guitar amps, percussion, acoustic guitar, voice and vocal recordings. There is one tracking room, an isolation room for recording voice, acoustic guitar, guitar amps and percussion.

click here for microphones in the recording studio cabinet

click here for analog preamps for mics, line and intrument signals
Use of the following equipment is included in the studio fee (no extra charge); Peavey Predator stratocaster style guitar, Warwick Corvette 4-string bass guitar and a Roland RS50 synthesizer and MIDI controller.

Audio Editing and Sound Design.

The digital music recording software used in our studio allows for quick and precise manipulation of recorded sound files whether recorded at Sound Weavers or at other recording studios (even home studios). Audio Editing may include such tasks as noise reduction, equalization and other forms of digital audio processing. We use Pro Tools HD 7 software on the Macintosh OS X platform on Apple’s MacPro computers with Quad Core Intel processors an 6MB RAM.

Audio Editing and Sound Design Recording Studio

Audio/Music Mixing.

Audio or Music Mixing is the process of transforming raw audio/sound recordings into balanced audio/music pieces that are made into records and played on the radio. Part science and part art, mixing requires very good equipment, a reliable listening environment and an experienced mixing engineer. Sound Weavers has an acoustically appropriate control/mixing room with professional digital and analog equipment operated by experienced sound engineers.

MIDI Programming and Editing

Sound Weavers offers the convenience of MIDI through Reason 4.0 and Ableton’s Live sample and loop sequencing programs. We have a huge and growing sound bank/ library that is available to Clients so that your MIDI sequenced music parts will have authentic sound that is hard to distinguish from real instruments.

Music Production.

We offer Music Production Service with activities ranging from song writing, arranging and programming services. We can arrange musicians, composers, programmers and vocalists for your production projects. Click the links below to listen to our music CD productions.

Voices for Voice Over. Talents and services

We have great sounding voice talents for your voice over requirements in American English neutral accent and other regional accent variations. Our voice over productions are held at our state of the art recording facility. Dubbing, dubbers, radio, tv, commercial, narrative, documentary, presentation, announcement, IVR… Click voice over to learn more about our voice over services and listen to our voice over samples online.

Live Remote Mobile Recording

We offer a remote recording service for live, mobile and remote productions such as live music concerts that need multi-track recording so that the song can be properly mixed at a studio – great for live music DVDs. Our remote mobile recording service is also applicable to tv, film, television and stage productions. we will capture the best live audio so you will have the best audio signals on post production time. More info on Remote/Mobile Live Recording