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Let’s Dance! House Music Remix Production Hit Japan Music Charts!

One of our best projects in 2011 was the dance music album “DIRTY PARTY!” – it is a non-stop mix CD featuring covers of popular hit songs – rendered in modern dance format of electro house music. This album features the vocal talents of Filipina, Filipino and international singers interpreting the original songs in their own way. This album also features international dance music remix producers on the top of their game and very active in the dance music and club circuits.

Cover image of Dirty Party! MIX CD - house music remix album

We were pleasantly surprised when our label informed us that DIRTY PARTY! did not only sell well but was also included in the Top 10 of Japan International Music Charts! They even sent us a video clip showing DIRTY PARTY! in spot #6 – what a feat! Hip-hip hooray!

We would like to thank all our singers, producers, remixers, and support team (technical, creative, marketing, finance) – in the meantime, let’s dance!

Dirty Party! MIX CD complete track list.
1. Intro
2. Bleeding Love (Kulotski Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
3. Crazy In Love (Charts Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera
4. All For You (Johnny Muse Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
5. Lady Marmalade (Pasztor Remix) feat. Jerah Templo, Gabbi Chua and Mariecon Rosillon
6. California Gurls (Metro [MBMG] Remix Kulotski Edit) feat. Gabbi Chua
7. Poker Face (Kulotski Remix) feat. Eumee Capile
8. We R Who We R (Metro [MBMG] Remix Kulotski Edit) feat. Gabbi Chua
9. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Kulotski Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
10. I Kissed A Girl (Kulotski Remix) feat. Gabbi Chua
11. Big Girls Don’t Cry (Kulotski Remix) feat. Eumee Capile
12. Commander (Invader! Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
13. Body On Me (Kulotski Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera
14. One Thing (Lasenza Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera
15. Ever Ever After (Monode Remix) feat. Mariecon Rosillon
16. Genie In A Bottle (Mac Desi Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
17. Umbrella (Monode Remix) feat. Gabbi Chua
18. I Should Be So Lucky (Charts Remix) feat. Eumee Capile
19. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Kulotski Remix) feat. Eumee Capile
20. My Heart Will Go On (Kulotski Remix) feat. Eumee Capile
21. Hung Up (MarcVoid Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
22. I’ll Be Loving You Long Time (Pasztor Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera
23. No One (Kulotski Remix) feat. Jerah Templo
24. Life (Kulotski Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera
25. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Kulotski Remix) feat. Bunny Rivera

You can buy Dirty Party! CD at this online store.

Enjoy these online music video of the house remix tracks, and don’t be afraid to get up and DANCE!

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