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Nino Blankenship Band from San Francisco

Nino Blankenship, a band from San Francisco, California spent good amount of their vacation time at our Studio 4149 where they recorded original compositions as well as covers, and K-pop covers at that.

Chris, the main man is a multi-instrumentalist (drums, piano, bass, vocals, melodica). Joanne, the main woman is also a multi-instrumentalist (drums, piano, bass, guitar, vocals). Interesting aspect of this project was the international collaboration from Dan who is in Kentucky – lots of file exchange went by! Gibson Diwa, 16 year old guitar phenom from Philippines also contributed guitar tracks to several songs.

Here’s a video clip of them jamming live off the floor – Joanne on acoustic upright piano and Chris on drums. Enjoy!

Head over to Gerry’s instagram for more recording studio video clips and photos

Oh and already, they have released a single from their sessions. Check it out at Nino Blankenship (bandcamp).

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