Conklin GT7 7-string bass guitar for sale

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I am crazy about bass guitars, quite frankly – the only reason why anyone would get a 7 string bass guitar – right? Check out this page about recording the bass guitar DI, preamps, effects tubes amplifiers cabinets and mics.

Up for sale from my personal collection is a Conklin GT7 7-string electric bass guitar (cherry)
- in excellent condition
- with heavy duty padded gig bag (actually a flight case bag – heavily padded).

Asking price: P70,000.00 (no trades). Pickup only.

I had this 7-string electic bass since 1999, gigged with it weekly for 3 months in a jazz trio. Since then it hasn’t been played much. Lowest string is a B and highest is an F. This instrument is great for jazz whether comping chords or solo bass, the neck is thin for a 7 and the finger board is flat (great for tapping). There.

Conklin GT-7 7-String Bass Features:

* Lightweight ash body topped with figured maple
* Multi-laminate neck is constructed of incredibly stable wenge and purpleheart
* Carved, extremely comfortable profile
* Angled headstock to increase tension over the nut and improve sustain
* Contoured neck heel and deep cutaway body shape for unobstructed access
* Off-side position markers
* Bartolini active pickups with Volume, Blend Bass and Treble controls
* Locking input jack

The Groove Tool 7-stringer bases its awesome tonal capabilities on a body made of tone-rich, lightweight ash topped with figured maple coupled with Bartolini active pickups. The multi-laminate neck is constructed of incredibly stable wenge and purpleheart, carved to an extremely comfortable profile. The headstock is angled back to increase tension over the nut which improves sustain. A beautifully contoured neck heel and deep cutaway body shape gives you unobstructed access to all 24 frets. Conklin’s exclusive off-side position markers are easily visible from both the top and side of the fingerboard. The active electronics let you shape your tone from mellow to monstrous and the GT-7 is equipped with Conklin’s trademark locking input jack so you’ll never again inadvertently pull your plug.