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Sound Weavers is a professional Dubbing House, Music recording studio and audio production company in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. We utilize the best of digital and analog audio recording equipment. Our Control Room and Isolation Booth are acoustically treated for a transparent sonic footprint particularly on voice (for dubbing, ADR and voiceover). Our skills and passion for sound and audio is continuously sustained with studies, experiments and experience working with international caliber producers/talents. Up to 24 channels simultaneous recording and up to 96 tracks for mixdown on Quad-core MacPro Apple's Macintosh OSX platform using AVID Pro Tools 9-12 HD digital audio recording software. Professional recording engineers and technicians help Clients realize their music recording and production goals.

Top of the line microphones such as Neumann u87, AKG c414, Shure SM7B SM57 and SM58, Electro Voice RE-20, analog preamps from Neve clones by Vintech Audio, Universal Audio, BIZ by Purple Audio, Pacifica preamps by A Designs, signal processing from MC77 by Purple Audio, Lil' frEQ by Empirical Labs and special effects from Lexicon and Aphex.

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Nino Blankenship Band from San Francisco

Nino Blankenship, a band from San Francisco, California spent good amount of their vacation time at our Studio 4149 where they recorded original compositions as well as covers, and K-pop covers at that.

Chris, the main man is a multi-instrumentalist (drums, piano, bass, vocals, melodica). Joanne, the main woman is also a multi-instrumentalist (drums, piano, bass, guitar, vocals). Interesting aspect of this project was the international collaboration from Dan who is in Kentucky – lots

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